Serhiy Kovalchuk

cb968068-a4e8-4caf-8d33-d08b3a70b68aSerhiy Kovalchuk, University of Toronto, Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning, Graduate Student  |    International Educational Development

Doctoral candidate in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development and Comparative, International and Development Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Supervisors: Kathy Bickmore, Mark Evans, and Sarfaroz Niyozov



  • Stated or actual change in policy terrain? Review of the literature on the Bologna Process implementation within the context of teacher education in Ukraine
    By Serhiy Kovalchuk and Benjamin Kutsyuruba
  • Reworking of school principals’ roles in the context of educational privatization: A view from Ukraine
  • The introduction of standardized external testing in Ukraine: Challenges and successes
  • Diverse ways of creating classroom communities for constructive discussions of conflict: Cases from Canadian secondary schools
    By Kathy Bickmore and Serhiy Kovalchuk
  • Dangerous disciplines: Understanding pedagogies of punishment in the neoliberal states of America

Book reviews:

  • Is everyone really equal? An introduction to key concepts in social justice education
    By Serhiy Kovalchuk and Joanne Pattison-Meek
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