RIDRU’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

Graduate students share research and ideas about reform in Ukraine and solutions to Ukraine’s challenges.

Evidence, rhetoric and audience engagement

That’s the formula for RIDRU’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition. This friendly but intense contest invites graduate students to present the complexities of research related to reform in Ukraine in an engaging and accessible way for a broad non-specialist audience and financial prizes.  An increasing number of graduate schools around the world are using the 3MT competition to refine the communication skills of students.

A guidebook and accompanying video will be made available in late summer and local faculty will provide mentorship advice as a part of RIDRU’s 3MT experience. Together this support promises to contribute to developing the confidence and skillset of participants.

To qualify, read the criteria and submit your video recording to obilash@ualberta.ca by October 21, 2017.  An international panel of judges will review the submissions and make recommendations for inclusion in the Fall conference November 15-17, 2017.

Prize winners will be announced at Karazin University in Kharkiv, Ukraine on November 17, the last day of the conference.

You can see sample winning presentations from around the world here.










RIDRU’s prizes:

First place $400 CND

Second place $200 CND

Third place $100 CND

People’s choice $100 CND (Voting for the People’s Choice winner is open to the public and based on the number of likes/votes received on a date to be specified.)


  1. The submission can be recorded on any available device such as a camera, cellphone, or webcam.
  2. The following must appear at the beginning of the video before any speaking:
    1. name of the participant
    2. title of the presentation
    3. Participant in 3MT contest of the Research Initiative on the Democratic Reform of Ukraine (RIDRU)
    4. Funded by Kule Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Alberta, Canada
    5. Do NOT include the name of your home institution on your video
  3. Participant must be standing (or sitting if unable to stand) at the front of a room for the videotaping; the tape can include close-ups and full stage shots. Judges are interested in seeing the applicant’s face, body language and supporting visuals.
  4. The video must to be made in one shot and be continuous – no edits, cuts or breaks.
  5. The presentation should include:
    1. A topic related to reform(s) in Ukraine
    2. A personal connection to the research topic (locating or situating one’s self)
    3. Relevance of the research to at least one contemporary reform in Ukraine
    4. A clear description of the problem
    5. Vivid ideas about the research and how it will offer possible solutions to the problem
    6. Key pieces of the theoretical foundation presented in a manner that is accessible to non-specialists
    7. How the data will be/was collected
    8. Results/anticipated results
    9. Concrete and applied implications, suggestions, and recommendations
  6. Maximum time of 3 minutes 40 seconds. (Given that most applicants will speak English as a second or third language we are allotting a little more time for each presentation.) Presentations that are over the time limit will be automatically disqualified.
  7. Completed video has to be sent as a Google Drive link to obilash@ualberta.ca. In the subject of the email write 3MT Competition and your full name. If Gmail is not your primary email account, please provide your other email in order to contact you.

The Research Initiative on the Democratic Reforms in Ukraine (RIDRU) is a research initiative designed to build research capacity and strategic linkages between researchers (and their institutions) on reforms in Ukraine and/or its diaspora around the world.  See:  http://ridru.artsrn.ualberta.ca/

More details and a sample submission will be made available on the website in September 2017.  For now, please consider contacting faculty and colleagues to discuss

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